Crime Prevention


Aug 30
Crime Prevention

Constantia Kloof crime statistic still look very reasonable in comparison, that said we are not crime free, nor will we ever be.  Criminals are more brazen than ever and seek opportunity like we need air.

We are not qualified to understand the criminal mind, but we are a strong community, and by the day we grow in strength as we widen our network and tighten our grip on criminal activity.  We make this neighbourhood unpleasant and very difficult for criminals to move in as we have more eyes and ears than ever before.  The growth in Street WhatsApp Groups (SWG) has also further enforced our efforts and we WILL take back our streets and our freedom to enjoy our beautiful neighbourhood in safety.  Welcome new SWG Administrators.

Thank you to each and every Constantia Kloof resident who has taken an active role in working with CKRF (member or non-member) to combat crime and create that sense of community and belonging.  Special thanks to Sub Rosa Security for their ongoing, selfless contributions to our neighbourhood as a whole, and yes, there truly is no other security company that can claim to do for this community what they do ... PROVEN FACT!

We also have a fantastic relationship with the Florida Public Safety (FPS) group (forums, EMS, SAPS, JMPD etc are all in this group and the information sharing is vital!) and Florida SAPS who attend all our monthly meetings and contribute in many ways.

Our camera project is still running and funds are still required, please pay your membership fees for a start, but you are also welcome to make donations towards this project - reference for such payments "CP and your address".  Address optional.

Please stay alert, be proactive, test your security systems, report suspicious behaviour or vehicles, join our network and support your neighbours - your safety is priority!