Safety Reminders


Apr 05
Safety Reminders
  • TEST your alarm.  Ensure that all zones close, all zones activate and that the alarm and panic buttons communicate with the control room.
  • Check that alarm and gate motor BATTERIES are in working order.
  • Ensure that all vegetation is CLEARED away from outside beams and/or electric fences.
  • Ensure that your armed reaction company has ACCESS to your premses in case of emergency.
  • Arrange for your POST box to be emptied when planning trips.
  • Pay attention to dogs BARKING and ensure that PETS are well taken care of while away.
  • Put your radio or TV on a TIMER, to automatically go on and off at key times during the day and night.
  • ADVISE your armed reaction company, family and/or neighbours that you will be away for backup.
  • IMMOBILISE any vehicles you leave behind.
  • Protect your PRIVACY on FaceBook and other social media.  Posting your movement on social media can be a CRIME SIGNAL.
  • Check your property regularly for 'CRIMINAL MARKERS' such as bottles, bricks etc.

Courtesy of Sub Rosa Security